Hjemmekoselig restaurant


Gudbrandsgard Hotel is known for its excellent cuisine. Our chefs all have good experience, and take pride in giving you a good taste experience.

The kitchen uses a lot of local ingredients, but also draws inspiration from the international cuisine, which our chefs have good experience from.


At Gudbrandsgard Hotell you will always come to a set table.

Gildestua is only for hotel guests. Here we serve nutritious breakfast that gives you a perfect start to the day.

As a perfect ending to the day, you can enjoy a 3-course dinner with family, friends or close colleagues. You will get a small selection of main courses. Children can also choose a children's dish. All dishes are made from scratch every day by our chefs and served by our waiters.


The old living-room has been renovated in a modern Nordic style, and has become a great restaurant.

Prepperiet is the hotel's event restaurant and is open one to three times a month for various events and theme nights. Follow Prepperiet's event calendar on facebook and on our website to get culinary experiences throughout the winter season.

Some of the highlights will include "winemakers dinner", various guest chefs and other culinary experiences. Prepperiet's events are usually scheduled for Saturdays.


In our inviting lobby bar it is possible to retire and take a break from the day's activities, or enjoy late and relaxing evenings. There's always a fire in the fireplace and you can enjoy yourself and relax with a good and easy to eat and drink in one of our many sitting areas.

We also have cocoa with whipped cream, coffee and tea.


The ski bar is located at the bottom of the hotel terrace. Skibaren is newly renovated with an exclusive touch and has an unpretentious and cozy atmosphere. Homemade "ski bar dishes" are served here with elements of local ingredients such as the mountain's best hamburger and fish and chips.

Wine Cellar

The wine cellar is truly the hotel's hidden gem and offers a rich selection of over 200 different wines from around the world. The venue is a place with both soul and charm, and where good drinking experiences are in focus. If you want an atmospheric evening, the wine cellar can be booked for private gatherings and larger groups.


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